Collection: UOZA ROPE

Black Label Uoza Poly Rope 

Elevate your cattle roping game with the Black Label Uoza Poly Rope, designed specifically to meet the demands of roping cows with precision and reliability. Engineered for ranchers and cowboys who demand nothing short of excellence, this rope is your trusted partner in every cattle roping endeavor.

Crafted with a leaded-core poly construction, each strand of our Uoza Poly Rope delivers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring reliable performance in the toughest roping conditions. Whether you're working in the corral or out on the open range, count on Uoza to handle the job with ease.

The Black Label Uoza Poly Rope is available in a variety of colors, including classic options such as white, gold, and tan, as well as contemporary choices like solid black and black, white, and silver speckle. Choose the color that suits your style and preferences, while enjoying the unmatched performance of Uoza.

Whether you're roping calves for branding, sorting cattle, or working in the chute, the Black Label Uoza Poly Rope is your go-to choice for reliability, durability, and performance. Trust Uoza to help you rope with confidence and precision every time.