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Cromer Cattle Company INC.

Rocky Mtn. Ropes: Eclipse (Orange)

Rocky Mtn. Ropes: Eclipse (Orange)

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3/8 Sct., 4 Strand

85% Nylon, 15% Polyester.

These bright ropes are created with a combination of highly visible FPC coated and abrasion resistant thread. Experience more weight and a rope that is able to withstand more wear.

This orange Eclipse rope is offered in more lays and lengths than any other rope we offer including our 4XS and our H+

85/15 SERIES: The 85/15 blend will have a little more weight than a 100% nylon rope, with a slight deader feel with less bounce. It will moderately react to weather, being slightly stiffer in the warmer temperatures, and slightly softer in colder temperatures. Average tip feel.

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